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Each of us has immense power for change. The power of consumer.


The beautiful stories behind the brands.

« The jewellery industry is historically opaque, fragmented and relies on many intermediaries. Traceability is still rare, for gems as well as metals. »

JEM — Jewellery Ethically Minded

«  I've been looking for the meeting between the most natural fabrics possible from ancestral weavers with partners based on recognized skills values.»


"I wish to participate in the safeguarding of these crafts and to develop timeless and environmentally friendly art of living collections."


"We believe in the systemic vision applied to design. All human work must synthesize aesthetics, ethics and ecology."

Boa Safra

"Our main raw material is leather which comes exclusively from Italian tanneries. The origin of the animals is European, Italian, French and Dutch.
We pay particular attention to their manufacturing conditions, tannery certifications and their human and environmental practices."



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