The beautiful stories behind the brands.

Each brand in our shop has been validated by a commitee of sustainable developpement experts and in The 1.618 Guide you can find out more about the brands, their creators and commitments. 

  • « The jewellery industry is historically opaque, fragmented and relies on many intermediaries. Traceability is still rare, for gems as well as metals. »

  • « I wish to participate in the safeguarding of these crafts and to develop timeless and environmentally friendly art of living collections. »

  • « I've been looking for the meeting between the most natural fabrics possible from ancestral weavers with partners based on recognized skills values. »


1.618 Sustainable
 Luxury Movement


The 1.618 Community brands share their sustainability commitments and are validated by a Committee of independent and renowned sustainability experts. You can discover their amazing stories and commitments on the 1.618 Guide.


In this market place, we curate a selection of exceptional objects within the 1.618 Community brands, that are beautiful and innovative, manufactured under ethical and environmentally friendly standards, that arouse desire in our hearts.


Since 2009, the 1.618 Sustainable
 Luxury movement gathers together an international network of brands, visionary entrepreneurs and creative minds who build tomorrow’s Luxury and design a new lifestyle, responsible and sustainable.

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