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Bench Ninne Classic

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Our first piece of furniture, this bench is named after Louise’s grandmother Ninne who was a huge inspiration to her growing up. The bench was conceived for wood, as an alternative to vertical wood storage. Like many of our other products, we wanted to design a product that looks beautiful on its own, regardless of whether it’s completely empty or filled with wood. We ended up with an incredibly versatile product that can store anything you like, not just logs, and it can also be used as a proper bench by up to two people.

Materials: Brown grey powder-coated steel with solid brass details.

Dimensions: W 94 / D 39 / H 49 cm
Weight: 27.5 kg

Eldvarm is an interior design company born around the fireplace, firmly rooted in Scandinavian culture and tradition. The brand was founded in 2015 by Louise Varre, a Swedish entrepreneur with a green heart. Eldvarm loves nature and goes to great efforts to make their products as sustainable as possible.

Eldvarm’s range of products are characterised by versatility, quality and sustainability. They are highly functional but also elegant and beautiful additions to a home. The products are made from sustainable materials of the highest quality, ensuring that they are durable and long lasting.

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