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Sillons earrings

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The Sillons collection: 

The story started in a segment of time, a sort of fracture from which a space was extracted and unreeled like a spool of thread.

From this opening was born a golden ribbon with clean lines. An immaculate, criss-crossed surface that contrasts with its full interior. A furrow that leaves its mark, drawing simple and infinite lines, crossed by plays of light and textures. Sensitive objects, whose apparent simplicity opens up interior and exterior paths. Mnemonic traces, projected imprints in which everything is possible. Like an echo carried within oneself, each of these jewels is a dreamlike memory, infinitely renewable.


Timeless and emblematic earrings, created to fit all styles and all occasions.
Sillons. The collection expresses the ultimate combination of minimalism and strength. Pure and infinite lines for a structured design.

Sillons earrings 
• 10mm diameter 
• 18-carat ethical yellow or pink certified Fairmined

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JEM: JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded is a French brand of ethical jewellery. JEM implements an innovative process, by becoming part of a transparent and constantly progressing jewellery industry. Our commitment is a global approach in line with our values, respectful of Men and nature from the mine to the jewel’s case.

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