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Vase Kebbu - IBKKI

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The vase Kebbu is a large enamelled white earthenware vase made of a mixture of different oxides and enamels resulting from personal research. Their raw materials are of local and European origin. Made entirely by hand in the Djurdjura region of Algeria by IBKKI in collaboration with ceramic craftsmen.
This vase has been baked and glazed 4 times to obtain these different color effects.
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Type : Vase
Manufacturing : Entirely handmade 
Materials: White earth, mixture of different oxides and enamels
Colors: Pink
Dimensions : 13*13*29cm

Imagined by two nomadic designers, Azel and Youri, the objects draw their inspiration from North Africa and more precisely from the cultural home of Numidia, former territory of the Berber people. The complementary duo finds its origin in the meeting between designers and craftsmen and seeks to adopt a new perspective on local artistic and craft creation. It consists in integrating traditional workshops in order to work in close collaboration day after day with local craftsmen. Each product is made in a traditional and local way, inspired by ancestral techniques.


Valentine Gauthier: From her studies in geo-ethnology and styling, at the studios of Maison Martin Margiela, winner of the International Festival of young fashion designers of Dinard just before the launch of her eponymous brand in 2007 and the opening of its first shop in 2009, Valentine's course reflects her state of mind: free, voluntary and passionate. But if fashion, she likes it, she wants to think it differently. Her innumerable travels have enriched the DNA with traditional know-how from around the globe. With this wealth, the designer brings the right dose of modernity that is the essence of her brand: a style both urban, refined and casual, in turn, ultra-feminine and street boyish. Her obsession: create a desirable and fair wardrobe, clothes that we want to wear and associate with her desires. In 2019, Valentine Gauthier has been awarded the "Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris".

IBKKI: IBKKI is a studio imagined by two friends designers and travelers.
Based in Paris, they draw their inspiration from North Africa and more precisely from the cultural home of Numidia, former territory of the Berber people.
IBKKI is a witness of the intimate relationship between the designer and the craftsman.
IBKKI is also an opportunity to lift the veil on the little-known traditions of the Berber people.

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