ACARIQUARA – 1.618 Paris

Precious Collection


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Selette, end of sofa.
Acariquara; The natural beauty of the acariquara inspired a light intervention, like a drop of golden sap beading from the tree's body.
Designed by Rachel & Benoît Convers




Created in 1990, the Swiss company Precious Woods, a pioneer in the certified sustainable management of tropical forests, is today recognized as the most influential company in this sector in the active fight against deforestation according to the 2020 Forest 500 classification drawn up by the NGO Global Canopy.

Precious Woods works closely with local populations to develop products that contribute to the enhancement and preservation of their ecosystems.

In collaboration with committed designers who share the values and objectives of Precious Woods, The Precious Collection highlights through art and design the uniqueness of the biodiversity that surrounds us, and the need to preserve it.

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