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ART White

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ART is a beautiful armchair designed by Charlotte Juillard and made from 77,5% recycled materials: recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, fabric made from recycled PET… It is aimed at changing the way we look at recycled materials as one could not tell it is recycled material if he was not told. Desirable yet recycled.

Dimensions: WxLxH: 65x69x72 cm
Weight: 23,6 kg

Materials: White recycled plastic (Polystyrene), Steel, Foam (partly recycled), recycled wood, Light grey fabric made from recycled PET Comes in a carton box and protection

NOMA is French manufacturer of high-quality furniture and household objects, designed by well-known creators and made from recycled and bio-based materials. At the heart of our approach is ecological design from A to Z, made in France as much as possible, and the commitment to using recycled materials.

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