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Trench Baseball

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The Éditions: 
The Editions Paris RE Made editions are nonseasonal, flexible, with multiple drops a year. There is no distinction between men’s and women swear, every piece is non-gendered. We divide our collections into two lines:
The Signature edition is our house collection. A selection with all-round seasonal re-designed pieces.
The Private edition contains high-end re-designed pieces that combine extraordinary shapes and brands in one design. We develop a design based on a concept which permits us to reproduce the design in higher quantities. Even so, each piece is vintage, meaning every design stays unique, custom-made and one of a kind. We are using dead stock materials of great quality and luxury brands, which gives us an extra possibility to offer B2B and B2C an easier production in range of sizes.

Classic Burberry trench is re modernized to our version of another classic shape, the Baseball jacket. Re made elastic waist band is added. Our signature hand printed artwork is on the back of the jacket. Extra artwork can be added due to the vintage details of the curated piece.


  • Coton / Plolyester

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Paris Re Made :
  Paris Re Made was developed and started in December 2018 and has continued since August 2020 with the same creative director and Paris team under the new brand name Paris RE Made. Paris RE Made is about much more than what you see, more than a fashion brand. Our goal is to create a community with a new way of looking at fashion and will re value what they buy and wear. We are building a creative community by organizing large-scale and intimate events with creatives in music, art, culture and beyond ,whose goal is to share and build a more conscious future. Paris RE Made is about creating a collection and a lifestyle to express, not to impress.
The Concept Paris RE Made is sourcing vintage garments and pieces by high- end luxury brands, as well as dead stock designer fabrics and turning them into re-designed pieces directly in our studio in Paris. Each piece is handpicked for their quality and attainability. The sourcing trajectory is a challenge as well as a delightful treasure hunt. By refreshing and re tailoring these pieces, we turn them into new classics while still showing respect to all the brands that we work with. We value their heritage, and by presenting their fashion story in new re shapes and re-designs, we aim to shift perspectives on fashion values. Paris RE Made continues to work on a circular fashion model by focusing on recycling, upcycling and re purposing what already exists and is readily available. We want to tell a story about clothes being re loved, re appreciated and re worn, and the way to do that best is in a new re made design from Paris RE Made.

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