Cape cable pattern, Organic cashmere

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One Size/LENGTH from shoulderpoint: 80cm

100% Organic Cashmere



This CAPE will be delivered together with a Christina Krämer GOTS certified organic cotton backpack and a small Cashmere Shampoo 50ml.


Christina Krämer finished an apprenticeship as tailor and graduated as a fashion designer in Germany. After working ten years for several brands as fashion designer, as well as a head of design in Germany before, she moved 2005 to Switzerland, and in 2007 she founded her own label; Christina Krämer.

In 2015, while on a business delegation to Mongolia, she discovered the organic cashmere that is now central to her business. Mongolian organic cashmere is one of the rarest, purest and most luxurious natural fibers in the world. Hand-combed and unshaven, from the fine undercoat of the Mongolian house-goats that roam the endless plains, Mongolian cashmere is a pure natural fiber. White, beige, warm gray and brown are the natural nuances of the Mongolian house goats. Each color comes from different areas of the Mongolian landscape and has a unique history behind it.

In 2015, she introduced her first cashmere accessories to the market. Since then have followed high-quality cashmere collections for women and men, which are distributed internationally. The brand also produces green denim using the recycling principles. Jeans are collected from the waste of used clothing, then reduced into fibres to be spun again. This denim is totally ecologic with no impact on the environment: old denim is used again in a new production cycle and the fibres keep their original color.

Today, these are available online, stocked by some 40 boutiques in Switzerland, and at stores in South Korea and Japan. A Christina Krämer Pop Up Store will open in Zurich by end of October.

IN ALL AREAS OF HER COMPANY, CHRISTINA KRÄMER STRIVES TO WORK WITH THOSE SUPPLIERS WITH THE BEST ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS FOR HER PRODUCTS. Christina Krämer set great value on responsible awareness and mindfulness in dealing with people, nature, environment and technology.”

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