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Floriane de Lassée

Ethical card games "Mama Benz" - Limited Edition

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54 original artworks, 54 playing cards for 54 African countries!

In West Africa, the Wax trade is one of the flourishing textiles industries where women’s emancipation has been widely achieved. In the 1980s, business women dominated the economy thanks to the trade in this African block print fabrics, which has a rich history that spans continents. With a formidable business acumen, they became the first female billionaires on the continent and imported the first Mercedes Benz into Africa. Their nickname was born: Nana Benz.

From this observation, Floriane de Lassée have been going since 2017 to meet African and diaspora women, leaders in various fields, as well as younger people who already have a clear enough vision to make tomorrow’s world a richer and more equitable one. 

She makes their portraits and with the reprography of a hundred of WAX, I mix them digitally as a palimpsest.

This project aims to bright out talented women from yesterday to tomorrow and to create an artwork underlining what they are: strong and radiant. Through my work, are represented three generations of women coming from different African countries whom are fighting for, in order to give a better and safer future to the youngest.

Made in Africa !

Playing card game signed and edited in limited edition


Drapeau de la France.

Floriane de Lassée : She was born in 1977. She is graduated from Penninghen ESAG (Paris) where she has learnt basics of image’s construction and laws of colour and « International Center of Photography » (New-York City) where she has tried severals mediums and different cameras especially « la chambre 4x5 » out. Mostly she works by staging people she photographs. She travels often and she likes to create two different series in parallel. That’s a way to keep a keen eye on each of it : the first one is always based on women issues and the other one is more abstract and mysterious. L’Oréal supported her work by using pictures from « Inside Views » series in order to illustrate its book «100.000 ans de beauté » published by Gallimard. Her work is represented by galleries and commercial agents in France and USA.


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