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We want to preserve the planet and ensure social and environmental prosperity for future generations.

But did you know that today, nearly 250 million children work in the world, including more than 150 million in dangerous conditions?

(The basic legal minimum age in which children are allowed to work is 15 years - 14 years in developing countries).

Difficult tasks and tough working conditions lead to multiple health issues such as early aging, malnutrition, depression, drug addiction, etc. These children, from disadvantaged backgrounds, minority groups, or abducted from their families, do not benefit from any protection and do not have access to education. Far too many children around the world work in degrading conditions, which violates all fundamental principles and rights based on human nature.

Let us be demanding, let us be sure not to contribute to child labour, let us question companies, let us ask for transparency, LET’S CONSUME DIFFERENTLY !

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