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The access to high quality education is essential for any child or teenager living in our world. So why, in 2018, were there still 260 million individuals, aged from 6 to 18, out of school?

Education is a source of well-being, achievement and above all learning. Today, more than ever before, we are seeing the progress of the past, the global achievements in terms of the quality of education.
Human beings are more aware of their progress when it deteriorates and the global pandemic has had serious consequences, reversing this progress.
Education, as we know it, must be rethought in order to give each and every child and adolescent, equally, the keys to understanding our changing society.

"50% of primary school-age children who are not in school live in conflict-affected areas"    United Nation

Let's be concerned, let's be aware, let's educate ourselves, let's act for quality education for all, let's CONSUME DIFFERENTLY!

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