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Étreintes ring

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The Étreintes collection: 
The Étreintes collection questions the eloquence of the jewel, its language and the way it is worn. An intrigue that evolves as it unfolds. By associating naturally, in an organic and limpid gesture, the jewel appears as a revelation. First there is the gesture of choosing its jewel, of inventing it, of mixing textures, colors and materials. Then comes that to lock up its final form, in an intimate setting.

A living jewel, in perpetual movement, and whose form, material and meaning can evolve to the rhythm of our desires. The ring is composed of a single half-ring polished finish and a single half-ring brushed finish. 

Composition :
18-carat ethical yellow, pink or white Gold, certified Fairmined
• Finish: high gloss polished
• Width of the ring: 8.75mm

Drapeau de la France — Wikipédia


JEM: JEM Jewellery Ethically Minded is a French brand of ethical jewellery. JEM implements an innovative process, by becoming part of a transparent and constantly progressing jewellery industry. Our commitment is a global approach in line with our values, respectful of Men and nature from the mine to the jewel’s case.

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