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Le Monde Nu

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"Le Monde nu" is the first book entirely devoted to the work of the young contemporary painter Jean-Baptiste Née.

Since 2013, Jean-Baptiste Née has focused his practice on painting in situ, in the mountains, during stays dedicated to creation in the Swiss and Italian Alps, or on the high plateaus of Vercors. Day and night, in winter and summer, he paints the landscapes that unfold in front of him.
Whether it is windy, rainy or snowy, he lets the drops, the flakes and the frost take full part in his artistic process. His paper is a delicate sheet on which the brush mixes natural elements to represent places while capturing the vital forces that animate them.

Become one with the subject: a physical confrontation with the elements, Jean-Baptiste Née's art is also - and at the same time - a philosophical and spiritual exercise, whose goal is to restore the intimate link we have lost with nature.

"To be at home among the rocks, in the snow, in the night, this is the essence of the project" (Jean-Baptiste Née)

Publication date: April 2021
Type: Monograph Book
Author: Jean Baptiste Née
Hardcover: 136 pages
Dimensions: 24x30cm
Publisher: Hartpon Éditions
Language: French

Jean-Baptiste Née: Jean-Baptiste Née is a French painter, scenographer and visual artist, born in 1986, and graduated from Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2012. Since 2016, he regularly exhibits his work in galleries in France and Switzerland. In 2019, his first solo exhibition, "Derrière la brume", is held at the Ligne Treize gallery in Geneva. In the spring of 2020, he was selected as a finalist for the Pierre David-Weill drawing prize of the Académie des Beaux-Arts (Institute of France).

It is in his studio in Montreuil (93) that Jean-Baptiste Née works outside his creative periods. This city life - the paradoxical reverse side of wild places - nourishes his reflection on the ways of inhabiting the world.

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