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Mirage 3

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Mirage 3 is composed of gold tube colonnade set on both sides of green and sparkling tsavorites, it is through the movement that the color is revealed.

DANGLETERRE is a jewelry brand created in 2019 by Ségolène Dangleterre. Originally, her passion for stones - all of which she considers precious - their infinite variety, the richness of their colors, their chromatic complexities which, when combined within the material itself, draw subtle geometries or dreamlike landscapes. Singular and audacious, they testify to an eclectic, powerful and generous nature. In a word: free.

This freedom which ignores the claim and refuses the recovery, DANGLETERRE recognizes himself there, draws his inspiration from it. She also finds in it her own time, the time when each person can say "I am what I am" by ignoring identities, their representations and, by the same token, their clichés.

Thus, DANGLETERRE rings, bracelets and necklaces are not associated with a gender or a model. They coiled up in a personality, attached to a character, sign a way. And their only ambition is to celebrate the love of life.

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