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From Arctic regions to temperate countries, Christophe Jacrot explores winter as if it were one and the same territory. Cold and snow, wherever they occur, disturb and disrupt human activity and slow down the course of time.

A spectral road trip!
Of staggering beauty, Christophe Jacrot's images capture, in the Vercors as in Georgia, Canada, Siberia or Japan, the magic of these snowy landscapes where everything seems frozen. He captures the nuances of this luminosity that seems to emanate from the ground and follows its contours.
It magnifies the fragility of the megalopolis whose hectic mechanics are stopped by a few flakes.

"This book is a wandering in the land of winter, but not only. It takes us to multiple regions, deserted or inhabited, facing improbable architecture, utilitarian or beautiful, in front of landscapes, dreamlike or disturbing. "(Christophe Jacrot)

A collector's book with a very careful manufacturing process.

Publication date: October 2019 
Type : Photography Book
Author : Christophe Jacrot 
Hardcover: 224 pages
Weight: 1,9 kg
Dimensions :25,5x33x3cm
Publisher: Hartpon Éditions
Language: French

Christophe Jacrot : Christophe Jacrot travels the world to capture the dramatic beauty of the weather. An artistic project initiated in 2006, with his series Paris in the Rain, which led to the publication of a first book by Editions du Chêne.
He continues this work in many cities photographed in the rain and snow (New York, Hong Kong, London, Chicago, Belgrade ...) and in 2016 Météores, which summarizes this project and marks the beginning of a loyal collaboration with Hartpon Editions. Then he turns to the vast snowy spaces of Iceland to which he dedicates a book in 2016: Snjór. In 2018 he released New York in Black, which resumes a series on the streets of Manhattan plunged into darkness during the blackout of 2012. Neiges is the fourth book he has produced with Hartpon Editions.

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