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Katia Sanchez

Paulette blue

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Sweater knitted in double thread jersey in an Italian yarn in 70% superkidmohair and 30% silk made in a small factory near Venice.

Sleeve 3/4. Round neckline with volume sleeves thanks to pleats at the head of the sleeve. Broad shoulders for 80s effect. The blue of this sweater is a very strong royal blue. 

Materials: 70% superkidmohair and 30% silk

Manufacturing: Made in Italy

Katia Sanchez: the colorful, 100% natural knitwear brand reconnects with handmade, small-scale manufacturing and transparency. Each piece is conscientiously made in a family-owned Venetian factory and combines style, quality and longevity.

Designer Katia Sanchez is committed to creating thoughtful, not impulsive fashion. According to her, "loving your sweater and having a strong bond with your garment is essential to keep it for a long time and to change your relationship with consumption". Moreover, Katia is always listening to her customers, not hesitating to repair their sweaters in case of snag.

Today, the brand is on its way to the Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) certification, a standard that focuses on the well-being of the goats and the land they live on.

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