Paysage comme il se forme – 1.618 Paris

Juliette-Andrea ELIE

Paysage comme il se forme

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The general form of the work evokes a feather headdress, very similar in its composition and in its crafting of Kayapos, a tribe already settled on the lands at the arrival of the Portuguese and French settlers. However, the landscape drawn by the accumulation of photographic fragments is more urban than natural. Colored buildings have replaced blue macaws. Juliette-Andréa Elie evokes with a poetic vision the urban and human transformations and the deforestation that gradually leads to the disappearance of the Amazonian tribes.
Two different headdresses are currently available.

The photographic fragments are printed on matte paper and tracing paper and sewn in layers. They evoke the animal matter that are the feathers in the Ars Plumaria. Inside the decomposed landscape, the first layer of photographs comes from the Tijuca Forest, the largest urban forest in the world. As a shy girl pushes back, she partially covers the clichés of the buildings of the center of Rio de Janeiro. A duality settled: firstly attracted by the attractive appearance of the object to the colors as vivid as those of parakeets and macaws from Amazonia, one is then surprised to find that they mostly come from urban elements. Finding a territory with invaluable natural resources that are destroyed massively for the benefit of urbanization and intensive agriculture. The loss of this natural environment, like the primary forests, leads de facto to the disappearance of peoples and animals living there.
Like a hope, the artist places the adornment at the human level: by contemplating it the spectator suddenly becomes one with the landscape. First step to regain consciousness that we are responsible for our environment because in perpetual physical connection with him.

Unique piece, photographic hand-stitched photographic prints, bias reinforcement (fabric) and wire.

75 x 85cm unframed
91x101 cm framed in Floating Box, (deep frame with anti-reflective optical glass and white thin baguette)
(Possibility of framing in Plexiglas box on request)
Custom transport and storage case made of wood
international transport on request



Juliette-Andrea Elie is an artist born in 1985. Winner of the photography prize Fotofever 2015, she conducts a plastic research on the relationship between man and the environment. Her work is exhibited regularly in New York (AIPAD 2017,2018), Paris (Paris Photo, 2017) and Sao Paulo (2017) by Baudoin Lebon Gallery (France) and Maria Baro (Brazil).


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