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Silences, an intimate and poetic book
The work of Thierry des Ouches, subtly nostalgic and poetic, celebrates the delicate beauty of a world that goes pianissimo. An "exoticism of proximity", to use his words.

In his images, the photographer reveals with simplicity the fragile intensity of his subjects, portraits of strangers or familiar landscapes. As the writer Philippe Delerm notes: "That's how it is in Thierry des Ouches' photos: sensations overflow from the images. "He doesn't photograph subjects, he captures the spirit of places, people and things and gives us the opportunity to perceive their eloquent silences.

Thierry des Ouches has become a master in this art of capturing silences and freezing time, Thierry des Ouches captures the finest variations of light, the smallest details of a situation, letting us guess his taste for the ordinary and small daily joys, and even more his passion for materials and color. A constant in all his work.

One is thus surprised, throughout the pages of Silences, to marvel at the arabesques of a garden hose, to be moved by the fate of rusting car bodies, to be moved by the gaze of great museum monkeys, to experience the mystery of a maze of rails melting into the mist. Fleeting visions, captured in the same alchemy of colors and imbued with the same meditative silence, give this book a deep and bewitching unity.

Silences is a collection of photographic haikus, a poetic and salutary "memento mori".

Publication date: September 2020 
Type : Photography Book
Author :Thierry des Ouches
Hardcover: 120 pages
Weight: 880g
Dimensions :21x27x2cm
Publisher: Hartpon Éditions
Language: French
ISBN: 9791095208242

Thierry des Ouches : Thierry des Ouches was born in Paris in 1958.
A photographer since the age of 20, he divides his time between commissioned work and personal subjects. He has directed several short films, including the film of Sidaction with Fanny Ardant and Barbara in 1996, and nearly a hundred exhibitions, including Place Vendôme, on the esplanade des Invalides or at the BNF on the occasion of the entry of part of his work into the permanent collections.
He is also the author of numerous advertising campaigns, regularly awarded prizes. For the "Adieux de la 4 L", he was awarded a Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival in 1993. In 2010, an exhibition and a retrospective book are dedicated to him by the Conservation des musées de Vendée. Appointed Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2002, then Official Painter of the Navy in 2018, he is the author of three novels and fifteen books of photography, including Vaches préacé by Elliott Erwitt, France by Philippe Delerm and Requiem by Jeanloup Sieff.

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