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Nicolas Henry

The Playhouses of Our Grandparents - Book

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Growing up, our “playhouses” were our imaginary hideaways, sanctuaries where we felt protected, surrounded by our favorite things. Our own little theater set where sheets metamorphosed into oceans, and piles of books became islands inhabited by Indians, Pygmies or Robinson Crusoe. Whether created in the backyard or under the covers in our bedroom, when we designed and built a children’s fort, den, or playhouse, we invented a whole new world in which to play, dream and let our imaginations run free.  

Publication date: 2011
Type : Photography Book
Author : Nicolas Henry 
Hardcover: 200 pages
Weight: 1,8 kg
Dimensions :33 x 24,5 x 3cm
Publisher: Actes Sud
Language: French or English
ISBN: 9782330000738

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Nicolas Henry: Nicolas Henry embarked full-time on stic his personal photographic work, travelling the world to produce a series of portraits of ancestors from around the world "The Playhouses of Our Grandparents" (Editions Actes Sud), mixing plainstallations and photographic portraits. His second book, testimony of an itinerant theatre set up in communities around the world "Cabanes imaginaires autour du monde - World's in the making" (Editions Albin Michel), receives the Mediterranean Art Book Award 2017.    


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