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Yellow Silk Scarf

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Almost all materials in Manakaa Project's production chain meet the highest ecological and sustainable standards. That includes the non-violent Ahimsa silk production from India, sustainable cashmere from Mongolia, exclusive organic merino wool from Germany and the final manufacturing process in Europe. Currently, approximately 85% of their garment components are GOTS certified and meet the highest eco-text standards.

These luxurious silk scarves are printed with pictures of our embroidery-patterns in intense colors (GOTS certified). The black and yellow scarves are designed with the CODE pattern. The grey ones with our WAVE pattern. The very special organic Peace-Silk has a beautiful shine and the finish is hand-rolled.   
Type: Luxurious Silk Scarves 
Size: 110x110cm. 
Color: Yellow
Pattern: CODE
Material: 100% organic silk, GOTS certified, Cocccon Crafts & Loom. 
Manufacturing: Made in India.


Manakaa Project: Manakaa Project contrasts the old Indian craftsmanship with coded bead patterns and precise, minimalistic cuts. The detailed embroidery of finest Japanese glass beads is applied bead by bead to selected, sustainable materials using simple embroidery frames according to traditional methods. They set the highest standards for fairness, transparency, sustainability and craftsmanship. For them, these aspects do not contradict high-quality and sophisticated design. The result is a collection of unique pieces – silk blouses, silk scarves, cashmere jumpers, sweatshirts, trousers and jackets with complex graphic embroidery made of Japanese glass beads.

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